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  • A simple rule to determine which insolation cycles lead to interglacials 

    Tzedakis, PC; Crucifix, M; Mitsui, T; Wolff, EW (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-02-23)
    The pacing of glacial–interglacial cycles during the Quaternary period (the past 2.6 million years) is attributed to astronomically driven changes in high-latitude insolation. However, it has not been clear how astronomical ...
  • Oceanic Residual Depth Measurements, the Plate Cooling Model and Global Dynamic Topography 

    Hoggard, MJ; Winterbourne, J; Czarnota, K; White, N
    Convective circulation of the mantle causes deflections of the Earth's surface that vary as a function of space and time. Accurate measurements of this dynamic topography are complicated by the need to isolate and remove ...
  • Crystal settling and convection in the Shiant Isles Main Sill 

    Holness, MB; Farr, R; Neufeld, JA (Springer, 2017-01-01)
    The 168 m-thick Shiant Isles Main Sill is a composite body, dominated by an early, 24 m-thick, picrite sill formed by the intrusion of a highly olivine-phyric magma, and a later 135 m-thick intrusion of olivine-phyric magma ...
  • Spin orientation in solid solution hematite-ilmenite 

    Brok, E; Frandsen, C; Lefmann, K; McEnroe, S; Robinson, P; Burton, BP; Hansen, TC et al.
    The spin orientation in synthetic hematite-ilmenite samples and in a sample of natural hematite was studied from room temperature to above the antiferromagnetic-paramagnetic phase transition (the Néel temperature; ...

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