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  • Animating the urban: an ethological and geographical conversation 

    Barua, Maan Singh; Sinha, Anindya
    Urban animals and their political ecologies constitute an arena of geographical scholarship that has intensified in recent years. Yet, little headway has been made in terms of understanding how sentient creatures inhabit ...
  • Modelling seasonal meltwater forcing of the velocity of the Greenland Ice Sheet 

    Koziol, Conrad P; Arnold, Neil Stuart
    Surface runoff at the margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) drains to the ice-sheet bed leading to enhanced sum- mer ice flow. Ice velocities show a pattern of early summer acceleration followed by mid-summer deceleration, ...
  • Dynamic interactions between coastal storms and salt marshes: A review 

    Leonardi, N; Carnacina, I; Donatelli, C; Ganju, NK; Plater, AJ; Schuerch, Mark; Temmerman, S (Elsevier, 2018-01-15)
    This manuscript reviews the progresses made in the understanding of the dynamic interactions between coastal storms and salt marshes, including the dissipation of extreme water levels and wind waves across marsh surfaces, ...
  • Incorporating modelled subglacial hydrology into inversions for basal drag 

    Koziol, Conrad; Arnold, Neil Stuart
    A key challenge in modelling coupled ice flow - subglacial hydrology is initializing the state and parameters of the system. We address this problem by presenting a workflow for initializing these values at the start of a ...

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