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  • Single-cell RNA-sequencing uncovers transcriptional states and fate decisions in haematopoiesis. 

    Athanasiadis, Emmanouil; Botthof, Jan G; Andres, Helena; Ferreira, Lauren; Lio, Pietro; Cvejic, Ana (Springer Nature, 2017-12-11)
    The success of marker-­based approaches for dissecting haematopoiesis in mouse and human is reliant on the presence of well-­defined cell-­surface markers specific for diverse progenitor populations. An inherent problem ...
  • A genome-wide association search for type 2 diabetes genes in African Americans. 

    Palmer, Nicholette D; McDonough, Caitrin W; Hicks, Pamela J; Roh, Bong H; Wing, Maria R; An, S Sandy; Hester, Jessica M et al. (2012-01-04)
  • Identification of an imprinted master trans regulator at the KLF14 locus related to multiple metabolic phenotypes. 

    Small, Kerrin S; Hedman, Asa K; Grundberg, Elin; Nica, Alexandra C; Thorleifsson, Gudmar; Kong, Augustine; Thorsteindottir, Unnur et al. (2011-06)
  • On the application of the expected LLG to decision making in molecular replacement 

    McCoy, Airlie Janet; Read, Randy John
    olecular replacement phasing of macromolecular crystal structures is often fast, but if a molecular replacement solution is not immediately obtained, the crystallographer must judge whether to pursue molecular replacement ...

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