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  • Progress and opportunities in EELS and EDS tomography. 

    Collins, SM; Midgley, PA
    Electron tomography using energy loss and X-ray spectroscopy in the electron microscope continues to develop in rapidly evolving and diverse directions, enabling new insight into the three-dimensional chemistry and physics ...
  • Spark-Discharge Plasma as a Method to Produce Low AC Loss Multifilamentary (RE)Ba2Cu3 O7 Coated Conductors 

    Mitchell-Williams, TB; Baskys, A; Guo, Y; Hopkins, SC; Bangert, U; Molodyk, A; Petrykin, V et al. (IEEE, 2017-06-11)
    If coated conductors are to be used in large-scale ac applications such as motors and generators, energy losses must be minimised. Hysteretic ac losses can be reduced by dividing the coated conductor into filaments. In ...
  • Tempering of low-temperature bainite 

    Peet, MJ; Babu, SS; Miller, MK; Bhadeshia, HKDH
    Electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and atom probe tomography have been used to identify the changes which occur during the tempering of a carbide free bainitic steel transformed at 473 K (200°C). Partitioning of solute ...
  • Modelling of recalescence effect on austenite decomposition 

    Guo, L; Roelofs, H; Lembke, MI; Bhadeshia, HKDH
    A model for recalescence has been established by integrating a model for the decomposition of austenite and one dealing with heat transfer with latent heat release taken into account. The effects of recalescence on each ...

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