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  • Visceral and somatic pain modalities reveal NaV 1.7-independent visceral nociceptive pathways. 

    Hockley, James RF; González-Cano, Rafael; McMurray, Sheridan; Tejada-Giraldez, Miguel A; McGuire, Cian; Torres, Antonio; Wilbrey, Anna L et al. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2017-04-15)
    KEY POINTS: Voltage-gated sodium channels play a fundamental role in determining neuronal excitability. Specifically, voltage-gated sodium channel subtype NaV 1.7 is required for sensing acute and inflammatory somatic pain ...
  • Inhibition of Sec61-dependent translocation by mycolactone uncouples the integrated stress response from ER stress, driving cytotoxicity via translational activation of ATF4 

    Ogbechi, J; Hall, BS; Sbarrato, T; Taunton, J; Willis, AE; Wek, RC; Simmonds, RE (Springer Nature, 2018-03-14)
    Mycolactone is the exotoxin virulence factor of Mycobacterium ulcerans that causes the neglected tropical disease Buruli ulcer. We recently showed it to be a broad spectrum inhibitor of Sec61-dependent co-translational ...
  • Isolated pores dissected from human two-pore channel 2 are functional. 

    Penny, Christopher J; Rahman, Taufiq; Sula, Altin; Miles, Andrew J; Wallace, BA; Patel, Sandip (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-12-12)
    Multi-domain voltage-gated ion channels appear to have evolved through sequential rounds of intragenic duplication from a primordial one-domain precursor. Whereas modularity within one-domain symmetrical channels is ...
  • Stable MOB1 interaction with Hippo/MST is not essential for development and tissue growth control. 

    Kulaberoglu, Yavuz; Lin, Kui; Holder, Maxine; Gai, Zhongchao; Gomez, Marta; Assefa Shifa, Belul; Mavis, Merdiye et al. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2017-09-25)
    The Hippo tumor suppressor pathway is essential for development and tissue growth control, encompassing a core cassette consisting of the Hippo (MST1/2), Warts (LATS1/2), and Tricornered (NDR1/2) kinases together with MOB1 ...

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