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  • Inverse problems for the connection Laplacian 

    Kurylev, Yaroslav; Oksanen, Lauri; Paternain, Gabriel Pedro
    We reconstruct a Riemannian manifold and a Hermitian vector bundle with compatible connection from the hyperbolic Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator associated with the wave equation of the connection Laplacian. The boundary ...
  • Visibility of 4-covers of elliptic curves 

    Fisher, Thomas Anthony; Bruin, Nils
    Let C be a 4-cover of an elliptic curve E, written as a quadric intersection in P^3. Let E' be another elliptic curve with 4-torsion isomorphic to that of E. We show how to write down the 4-cover C' of E' with the property ...
  • Frogs on trees? 

    Hermon, Jonathan (Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2018-01-01)
    We study a system of simple random walks on $\mathcal{T}_{d,n} = \mathcal{V}_{d,n}, \mathcal{E}_{d,n})$, the $d$-ary tree of depth $n$, known as the frog model. Initially there are Pois($\lambda$) particles at each ...
  • A note on the fibres of Mori fibre spaces 

    Codogni, Giulio; Fanelli, Andrea; Svaldi, Roberto; Tasin, Luca
    In this note we consider the problem of determining which Fano manifolds can be realised as fibres of a Mori fibre space. In particular, we study the case of toric varieties, Fano manifolds with high index and some Fano ...

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