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  • Freiman homomorphisms on sparse random sets 

    Conlon, D; Gowers, WT
    A result of Fiz Pontiveros shows that if $A$ is a random subset of $\mathbb{Z}_N$ where each element is chosen independently with probability $N^{-1/2+o(1)}$, then with high probability every Freiman homomorphism defined ...
  • L-space intervals for graph manifolds and cables 

    Rasmussen, SD
    We present a graph manifold analog of the Jankins-Neumann classication of Seifert bered spaces over $\textit{S}$$^{2}$ admitting taut foliations, providing a finite recursive formula to compute the L-space Dehn-filling ...
  • Tubular free by cyclic groups act freely on CAT(0) cube complexes 

    Button, Jack
    We identify when a tubular group (the fundamental group of a finite graph of groups with $\mathbb{Z}$$^{2}$ vertex and $\mathbb{Z}$ edge groups) is free by cyclic and show, using Wise's equitable sets criterion, that every ...
  • Exceptional collections, and the Néron–Severi lattice for surfaces 

    Vial, C (Elsevier, 2017-01-10)
    We work out properties of smooth projective varieties X over a (not necessarily algebraically closed) field $\textit{k}$ that admit collections of objects in the bounded derived category of coherent sheaves D$^{b}$(X) that ...

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