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  • "Meniscal" scar as a landmark for the joint line in revision total knee replacement 

    Khan, WS; Bhamra, J; Williams, R; Morgan-Jones, R (Baishideng Publishing Group, 2017-01-18)
    $\textbf{AIM}$: To determine whether tissue identified at the joint line was actually remnant "meniscal" scar tissue or not. $\textbf{METHODS}$: Nine patients undergoing revision knee surgery following informed consent ...
  • Ligament Tissue Engineering 

    Khan, WS (Springer, 2016-09-26)
    Ligaments are commonly injured in the knee joint, and have a poor capacity for healing due to their relative avascularity. Ligament reconstruction is well established for injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament rupture, ...
  • A missed scalp laceration causing avoidable sequelae 

    Basyuni, S; Panayi, A; Sharma, V; Santhanam, V
    Introduction: We present the case of an overlooked scalp laceration in an 81-year-old lady who presented with polytrauma following a fall down stairs. Complications that developed required more extensive treatment compared ...
  • Fatal thalamic abscess secondary to dental infection 

    Basyuni, Shadi; Sharma, Valmiki; Santhanam, Vijay; Ferro, Ashley
    We present the case of poor neurological recovery and subsequent death secondary to a thalamic abscess in a 53-year-old man. This patient initially presented with sudden dysarthria and left hemiparesis while driving. ...

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