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  • Avicenna’s $\textit{Healing}$ and the Metaphysics of Truth 

    De Haan, DD
    In this essay I present and explicate the epistemological, ontological, aitiological, and theological dimensions of Avicenna’s doctrine of truth in his $\textit{Metaphysics of the Healing}$. I begin with the way Avicenna’s ...
  • Peter Martyr Vermigli's Preces sacrae (1564) and the problem of prayers as historical sources 

    Aspray, Silvianne (Taylor & Francis, 2017-04-11)
    This article combines a study of Peter Martyr Vermigli’s $\textit{Sacred Prayers}$ with a methodological concern for the particular challenges involved in coming to grips with prayers as historical sources. It demonstrates ...
  • The Strange Use of דגל in Song of Songs 5:10 

    Andruska, JL
    The use of the word דגל in the Song of Songs 5:10 has caused considerable confusion among commentators. Most occurrences of the word in the Song are thought to be related to an army or host carrying banners, except in 5:10, ...
  • »Rape« in the Syntax of 2 Samuel 11:4 

    Andruska, J (De Gruyter, 2017-03-20)
    Scholars continue to debate whether Bathsheba was an innocent victim of David’s lust, a willing participant in an affair or a calculating seductress manipulating him into it. Many arguments have been put forward in support ...

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