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  • Lyon’s Wagnerian Diva: Louise Janssen (1863-1938) 

    Ellis, Katharine Jill
    It seems historiographically implausible to ascribe the reputation of fin-de-siècle Lyon as France’s Bayreuth to the impact of a single middle-ranking soprano, but the Danish singer Louise Janssen’s long-term presence, ...
  • Industrial Balladry, Mass Culture, and the Politics of Realism in Cold War Britain 

    Cole, Ross Graham (University of California Press, 2017-07)
    Focusing on a series of pioneering radio ballads produced for the BBC between 1958 and 1961 by Ewan MacColl, Charles Parker, and Peggy Seeger, this article explores representations of industrial working-class culture in ...
  • On the Politics of Folksong Theory in Edwardian England 

    Cole, Ross Graham
    This article explores how and why a particular vision of folksong became widely popular during the early twentieth century. Focusing on Cecil J. Sharp, I show that despite severe criticism from contemporaries his beliefs ...
  • Vernacular Song and the Folkloric Imagination at the Fin de Siècle 

    Cole, Ross Graham
    This article foregrounds discrepancies between vernacular singing in England and the work of London’s Folk-Song Society during the 1890s. Figures such as Lucy Broadwood, Kate Lee, and Hubert Parry, I show, acted as gates ...

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