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  • Calibration of ultraviolet, mid-infrared and radio star formation rate indicators 

    Brown, MJI; Moustakas, J; Kennicutt, Robert Charles; Bonne, NJ; Intema, HT; Gasperin, FD; Boquien, M et al.
    We present calibrations for star formation rate indicators in the ultraviolet, mid-infrared and radio continuum bands, including one of the first direct calibrations of 150 MHz as a star formation rate indicator. Our ...
  • Very metal-poor stars observed by the RAVE survey 

    Matijevic, G; Chiappini, C; Grebel, EK; Wyse, RFG; Zwitter, T; Bienayme, O; Bland-Hawthorn, J et al. (EDP Sciences, 2017-07)
    Metal-poor stars trace the earliest phases in the chemical enrichment of the Universe. They give clues about the early assembly of the Galaxy as well as on the nature of the first stellar generations. Multi-object spectroscopic ...
  • AGN jet feedback on a moving mesh: cocoon inflation, gas flows and turbulence 

    Bourne, Martin Albert; Sijacki, Debora (Oxford University Press, 2017-12-21)
    In many observed galaxy clusters, jets launched by the accretion process onto supermassive black holes, inflate large scale cavities filled with energetic, relativistic plasma. This process is thought to be responsible for ...
  • Hypervelocity runaways from the Large Magellanic Cloud 

    Boubert, D; Erkal, Denis; Evans, NW; Izzard, Robert George (Oxford University Press, 2017-08)
    We explore the possibility that the observed population of Galactic hypervelocity stars (HVSs) originate as runaway stars from the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). Pairing a binary evolution code with an N-body simulation of ...

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