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  • Stress-responsive pathways and small RNA changes distinguish variable developmental phenotypes caused by MSH1 loss 

    Shao, Mon-Ray; Kumar Kenchanmane Raju, Sunil; Laurie, John D; Sanchez, Robersy; Mackenzie, Sally A (2017-02-20)
    Abstract Background Proper regulation of nuclear-encoded, organelle-targeted genes is crucial for plastid and mitochondrial function. Among these genes, MutS Homolog 1 ...
  • Origin and phylogenetic status of the local Ashanti Dwarf pig (ADP) of Ghana based on genetic analysis 

    Osei-Amponsah, Richard; Skinner, Benjamin M; Adjei, Dennis O; Bauer, Julien; Larson, Greger; Affara, Nabeel A; Sargent, Carole A (2017-02-20)
    Abstract Background The Ashanti Dwarf Pig (ADP) of Ghana is an endangered pig breed with hardy and disease resistant traits. Characterisation of animal genetic resources ...
  • Making life difficult for Clostridium difficile: augmenting the pathogen’s metabolic model with transcriptomic and codon usage data for better therapeutic target characterization 

    Kashaf, Sara Saheb; Angione, Claudio; Lió, Pietro (2017-02-16)
    Abstract Background Clostridium difficile is a bacterium which can infect various animal species, including humans. Infection with this bacterium ...
  • Meeting abstracts from the 64th British Thyroid Association Annual Meeting 

    Bartalena, Luigi; Fliers, Eric; Hellen, Nicola; Taylor, Peter N; Lacey, Arron; Thayer, Daniel; Yusof, Mohd D et al. (2017-02-13)

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