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  • A scoping review of the potential for chart stimulated recall as a clinical research method 

    Sinnott, Carol; Kelly, Martina A; Bradley, Colin P (2017-08-22)
    Abstract Background Chart-stimulated recall (CSR) is a case-based interviewing technique, which is used in the assessment of clinical decision-making in medical education and ...
  • Exploring attitudes and perceptions of patients and staff towards an after-hours co-pay clinic supplementing free HIV services in Kampala, Uganda 

    Twimukye, Adelline; King, Rachel; Schlech, Walter; Zawedde, Faridah M; Kakaire, Tom; Parkes-Ratanshi, Rosalind (2017-08-22)
    Abstract Background There has been a rapid scale up of HIV services and access to anti-retroviral therapy in Africa over the last 10 years as a result of multilateral donor ...
  • 26th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting (CNS*2017): Part 1 

    Denham, Sue; Poirazi, Panayiota; De Schutter, Erik; Friston, Karl; Chan, Ho K; Nowotny, Thomas; Han, Dongqi et al. (2017-08-18)
  • Frequency of eating home cooked meals and potential benefits for diet and health: cross-sectional analysis of a population-based cohort study 

    Mills, Susanna; Brown, Heather; Wrieden, Wendy; White, Martin; Adams, Jean (2017-08-17)
    Abstract Background Reported associations between preparing and eating home cooked food, and both diet and health, are inconsistent. Most previous research has focused on ...

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