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  • Open Content Mining 

    Murray-Rust, Peter (2012-09-24)
    Abstract— We present evidence that content-mining of scholarly articles is now technically feasible and highly valuable both. However researchers and information technologist are blocked by legal and contractual barries ...
  • Discussion 3: Richard Grant 

    Grant, Richard; Murray-Rust, Peter (2010-09-13)
    Richard Grant is a scientist and author of the blog "Confessions of a (former) Lab Rat". He is Associate Editor and contributor to TheScientist/Faculty_of_1000. Richard is a scientist with interests inscientific publishing, ...
  • Discussion 2: David Dobbs 

    Dobbs, David; Murray-Rust, Peter; Hatcher, Jordan; Pollock, Rufus (2010-09-09)
    David Dobbs writes on science, medicine and culture. He has contributed to a diversity of publications, including Scientific American, Slate magazine, Wired, Audubon, Atlantic Monthly, and the New York Times magazine. ...
  • Discussion 1: Richard Poynder 

    Poynder, Richard; Murray-Rust, Peter; Hatcher, Jordan; Pollock, Rufus; Sicilia, Alberto (2010-08-24)
    Richard is a freelance journalist who writes about information technology, telecommunications and intellectual property. He has particular interests in Open Access, e-Science, e-Research, copyright, patents, the Open ...