Recent Submissions

  • How culture affects innovation in an organization 

    Saiz, John; Saiz, Natalie; Denton-Misfeldt, Deborah; Wooten, Kevin
    Both technology and innovation are considered major contributors to the competitiveness of companies and in exploiting opportunities in the market; however, too often the people processes are not given enough attention ...
  • Scenarios and roadmapping - how to navigate an uncertain future 

    Ringland, Gill; Ilevbare, Imoh; Athanassopoulou, Nikoletta; Greenaway, Anna-Marie; Phaal, Robert
    Scenario planning and roadmapping are both well established processes for exploring possible futures. Roadmapping for technology foresight provides a framework for investigating technology developments, interrelationships ...
  • Crisis-Critical Intellectual Property: Findings from the COVID-19 Pandemic 

    Tietze, Frank; Vimalnath, Pratheeba; Aristodemou, Leonidas; Molloy, Jenny
    Within national and international innovation systems a pandemic calls for large-scale action by many actors across sectors in order to mobilise resources developing and manufacturing of crisis-critical products as efficiently ...
  • Financing early stage innovation ventures – a value-oriented roadmapping framework 

    Taminiau, Polle-Tobias; Phaal, Robert (2019-11)
    This practice-oriented paper describes a value-oriented roadmapping (VRM) framework, which helps entrepreneurs improve the investor readiness of their ventures through developing better business models. As investors tend ...

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