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  • Physical capability predicts mortality in late mid-life as well as in old age: Findings from a large British cohort study. 

    Keevil, Victoria Louise; Luben, Robert; Hayat, Shabina Anwar; Sayer, Avan A; Wareham, Nicholas John; Khaw, Kay-Tee (2018-01)
    Introduction Low physical capability predicts mortality, perhaps by association with co-morbidity. However, few studies include participants <70 years old with lower co-morbidity burdens compared to older adults. We ...
  • The evaluation of physicians’ communication skills from multiple perspectives 

    Burt, Jennifer Anne; Abel, Gary; Elliott, Marc; Elmore, Natasha; Newbould, Jennifer; Davey, Antoinette; Llanwarne, Nadia et al.
    Purpose To examine how family physicians’, patients’ and trained clinical raters’ assessments of physician-patient communication compare in analysis of individual appointments. Methods Analysis of survey data from patients ...
  • Persistent inequalities in Hospice at Home provision. 

    Buck, Jackie; Webb, Liz; Moth, Lorraine; Morgan, Lynn; Barclay, Stephen Ian (BMJ, 2018-02-14)
    Abstract Objective: To describe the nature and scope of a new Hospice at Home service and to identify its equality of provision. Methods: Case note review of patients supported by a Hospice at Home service for one year ...
  • Impact of lower strength alcohol labeling on consumption: A randomized controlled trial. 

    Vasiljevic, Milica; Couturier, Dominique-Laurent; Frings, Daniel; Moss, Antony C; Albery, Ian P; Marteau, Theresa (APA, 2018-04-26)
    Objective: Labels indicating low/light versions of tobacco and foods are perceived as less harmful which may encourage people to consume more. There is an absence of evidence concerning the impact on consumption of labelling ...

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