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  • Impact of sit-stand desks at work on energy expenditure and sedentary time: protocol for a feasibility study. 

    Mantzari, E; Wijndaele, K; Brage, S; Griffin, SJ; Marteau, TM (BioMed Central, 2016-07-18)
    BACKGROUND: Prolonged sitting, an independent risk factor for disease development and premature mortality, is increasing in prevalence in high- and middle-income countries, with no signs of abating. Adults in such countries ...
  • Impact of alcohol-promoting and alcohol-warning advertisements on alcohol consumption, affect, and implicit cognition in heavy-drinking young adults: A laboratory-based randomized controlled trial 

    Stautz, K; Frings, D; Albery, IP; Moss, AC; Marteau, TM (Wiley, 2017-01-06)
    $\textbf{OBJECTIVES}$: There is sparse evidence regarding the effect of alcohol-advertising exposure on alcohol consumption among heavy drinkers. This study aimed to assess the immediate effects of alcohol-promoting and ...
  • rs2735383, located at a microRNA binding site in the 3'UTR of NBS1, is not associated with breast cancer risk 

    Liu, J; Lončar, I; Collée, JM; Bolla, MK; Dennis, J; Michailidou, K; Wang, Q et al. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-12)
    NBS1, also known as NBN, plays an important role in maintaining genomic stability. Interestingly, rs2735383 G > C, located in a microRNA binding site in the 3'-untranslated region (UTR) of NBS1, was shown to be associated ...
  • The Allelic Landscape of Human Blood Cell Trait Variation and Links to Common Complex Disease 

    Astle, WJ; Elding, H; Jiang, T; Allen, D; Ruklisa, D; Mann, AL; Mead, D et al. (Elsevier, 2016-11-17)
    Many common variants have been associated with hematological traits, but identification of causal genes and pathways has proven challenging. We performed a genome-wide association analysis in the UK Biobank and INTERVAL ...

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