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  • Efficient Tagged Memory 

    Woodruff, Jonathan David; Joannou, A; Kovacsics, Robert; Moore, Simon William; Bradbury, A; Xia, H; Robert, RNM et al.
    We characterize the cache behavior of an in-memory tag table and demonstrate that an optimized implementation can typically achieve a near-zero memory traffic overhead. Both industry and academia have repeatedly demonstrated ...
  • An error-tuned model for sensorimotor learning 

    Ingram, James; Sadeghi, Mohsen; Flanagan, John Randall; Wolpert, Daniel Mark (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2017-12-18)
    Current models of sensorimotor control posit that motor commands are generated by combining multiple modules which may consist of internal models, motor primitives or motor synergies. The mechanisms which select modules ...
  • Co-complex protein membership evaluation using Maximum Entropy on GO ontology and InterPro annotation. 

    Armean, Irina M; Lilley, Kathryn Susan; Trotter, Matthew WB; Pilkington, Nicholas CV; Holden, Sean Barry (Oxford University Press, 2018-01-30)
    Abstract Motivation: Protein-protein interactions (PPI) play a crucial role in our understanding of protein function and biological processes. The standardization and recording of experimental findings is increasingly ...
  • Neural mechanisms underlying valence inferences to sound: The role of the right angular gyrus. 

    Bravo, Fernando; Cross, Ian Ralph; Hawkins, Sarah; Gonzalez, Nadia; Docampo, Jorge; Bruno, Claudio; Stamatakis, Emmanuel Andreas (2017-07)

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