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  • Controlling nanowire growth through electric field-induced deformation of the catalyst droplet 

    Panciera, Federico; Norton, Michael M.; Alam, Sardar B.; Hofmann, Stephan; Mølhave, Kristian; Ross, Frances M. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-07-29)
    Semiconductor nanowires with precisely controlled structure, and hence well-defined electronic and optical properties, can be grown by self-assembly using the vapor-liquid-solid process. The structure and chemical composition ...
  • Bandwidth Enhancement in Multimode Polymer Waveguides Using Waveguide Layout for Optical Printed Circuit Boards 

    Chen, Jian; Bamiedakis, Nikos; Vasil'ev, Peter; Penty, Richard V.; White, Ian H. (IEEE, 2016-03-25)
    Dispersion studies demonstrate that waveguide layout can be used to enhance the bandwidth performance of multimode polymer waveguides for use in board-level optical interconnects, providing >40 GHz×m without the need for ...
  • Room temperature sputtering of inclined c-axis ZnO for shear mode solidly mounted resonators 

    Rughoobur, G.; DeMiguel-Ramos, M.; Mirea, T.; Clement, M.; Olivares, J.; Díaz-Dúran, B.; Sangrador, J. et al. (American Institute of Physics, 2016-01-20)
    ZnO films with a c-axis significantly inclined away from the surface normal were grown by a remote plasma sputtering technique at room temperature. The films were used to make solidly mounted resonators (SMRs) operating ...
  • Design and Modelling of Solidly-Mounted Resonators for Low-Cost Particle Sensing 

    Villa-López, Farah Helue; Rughoobur, Girish; Thomas, Sanju; Flewitt, Andrew J.; Cole, Marina; Gardner, Julian W. (IOP Science, 2015-12-18)
    This work presents the design and fabrication of Solidly Mounted Resonator (SMR) devices for the detection of particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) in order to develop a smart low-cost particle sensor for air quality. These ...

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