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  • Eye for Detail: Images of Plants and Animals in Art and Science, 1500-1630 

    Fransen, Sietske (Brill, 2018)
    This beautifully produced and densely illustrated book is an important addition to the existing literature on illustrations of nature in the sixteenth and early seventeenth century. Florike Egmond makes a daring choice by ...
  • In pursuit of truth 

    Holmes, RE; Johnson, T (OUP, 2018-01-01)
    IN THE PAST FEW YEARS a wave of right-wing populism has swept the western world and we have seen emotions take the political helm. The voting booth triumphs of Donald Trump in the United States and Brexit in the United ...
  • 'What'S the matter?' Murderous husbands and 'adulterous' wives in early modern English and Spanish drama 

    Holmes, Rachel Elizabeth (2018-01-01)
    © The Author 2017. This essay situates two wife-murder plays, Shakespeare's Othello and Calderón's El médico de su honra, in a transnational cultural context of anxieties about adultery, cuckoldry and female sexuality, all ...
  • Governance explains variation in national responses to the biodiversity crisis 

    Baynham-Herd, Zachary; Amano, Tatsuya; Sutherland, William James; Donald, Paul
    Growing concern about the biodiversity crisis has led to a proliferation of conservation responses, but with wide variation between countries in the levels of engagement and investment. Much of this variation is inevitably ...

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