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  • Monitoring, Modeling, and Assessment of a Self-Sensing Railway Bridge during Construction 

    Butler, LJ; Lin, W; Xu, J; Gibbons, N; Elshafie, MZEB; Middleton, CR (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2018)
    This study demonstrates how integrating fibre optic sensor (FOS) networks into bridges during their construction can be used to quantify their pre-service performance. Details of the installation of a large FOS network on ...
  • Rationalising assessment approaches for masonry arch bridges 

    Gibbons, Niamh; Fanning, Paul J (Thomas Telford Ltd., 2012-09)
    <jats:p> Masonry arch bridges, most of which have far exceeded modern design lives, have demonstrated themselves to be sustainable structures with low life-cycle costs. However, increased traffic loading and material ...
  • Progressive cracking of masonry arch bridges 

    Gibbons, N; Fanning, PJ (Thomas Telford Ltd., 2016-06)
    <jats:p> Numerous methods are available for the assessment of masonry arch bridges at the ultimate limit state. However, there is a lack of suitable methods for assessing behaviour at service levels of loading. To address ...
  • Road Design Layer Detection in Point Cloud Data for Construction Progress Monitoring 

    Vick, Steven; Brilakis, Ioannis (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2018)
    Poor performance in transportation construction is well-documented, with an estimated $114.3 billion in global annual cost overrun. Studies aimed at identifying the causes highlighted traditional project management functions ...

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