Recent Submissions

  • The emergence of piRNAs against transposon invasion to preserve mammalian genome integrity 

    Ernst, Christina; Odom, Duncan; Kutter, Claudia (Springer Nature, 2017-11-10)
    Transposable elements (TEs) contribute to the large amount of repetitive sequences in mammalian genomes and have been linked to species-specific genome innovations by rewiring regulatory circuitries. However, organisms ...
  • Reconstructing the gradient source position from steady-state fluxes to small receptors 

    Dobramysl, Ulrich; Holcman, David
    Recovering the position of a source from the fluxes of diffusing particles through small receptors allows a biological cell to determine its relative position, spatial localization and guide it to a final target. However, ...
  • lncRNAs in development and disease: from functions to mechanisms 

    Delás, M Joaquina; Hannon, Gregory James (The Royal Society, 2017-07-26)
    Differential expression of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) during differentiation and their misregulation in cancer highlight their potential as cell fate regulators. While some example lncRNAs have been characterized in ...
  • Big Data in Cancer Genomics 

    Chin, Suet Feung; Maia, AT; Jacinta-Fernandes, A; Sammut, Stephen John
    Advances in genomic technologies in the last decade have revolutionised the field of medicine, especially in cancer, by producing a large amount of genetic information, often referred to as Big Data. The identification of ...

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