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  • Inoculating against misinformation 

    van der Linden, Sander Leo; Maibach, Edward; Cook, John; Leiserowitz, Anthony; Lewandowsky, Stephan (2017-12-01)
    The unprecedented spread of misinformation threatens citizens’ ability to form evidence-based opinions on issues of great societal importance, including public health, climate change, and national security
  • The nature of viral altruism and how to make it stick 

    van der Linden, Sander Leo (2017-02-13)
    Societal altruism is changing. Increased awareness and use of online social media is providing new ways of inspiring collective action and support for critical societal challenges. What makes some social causes go viral ...
  • Scientific agreement can neutralize politicization of facts 

    Linden, Sander van der; Leiserowitz, Anthony; Maibach, Edward (2018-01)
    In light of the continued politicization of facts on critical societal issues, developing ways to effectively communicate with the public about scientific topics is becoming increasingly important.
  • Structural and functional brain plasticity for statistical learning 

    Karlaftis, Vasileios Misak (2018-11-24)
    Extracting structure from initially incomprehensible streams of events is fundamental to a range of human abilities: from navigating in a new environment to learning a language. These skills rely on our ability to extract ...

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