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  • Naltrexone ameliorates functional network abnormalities in alcohol-dependent individuals 

    Morris, LS; Baek, K; Tait, R; Elliott, R; Ersche, KD; Flechais, R; McGonigle, J et al.
    Naltrexone, an opioid receptor antagonist, is commonly used as a relapse prevention medication in alcohol and opiate addiction, but its efficacy and the mechanisms underpinning its clinical usefulness are not well ...
  • Neural Architecture for Feature Binding in Visual Working Memory 

    Schneegans, S; Bays, PM (Society for Neuroscience, 2017-04-05)
    Binding refers to the operation that groups different features together into objects. We propose a neural architecture for feature binding in visual working memory that employs populations of neurons with conjunction ...
  • Waiting time variation in Early Intervention Psychosis services: longitudinal evidence from the SEPEA naturalistic cohort study 

    Kirkbride, JB; Hameed, Y; Wright, L; Russell, K; Knight, C; Perez, J; Jones, PB (Springer, 2017-02-18)
    PURPOSE: Early Intervention Psychosis [EIP] services have gained traction internationally, but are currently undergoing various forms of reconfiguration. In England, such services are now mandated to ensure 50% of accepted ...
  • The Temporal Modulation Structure of Infant-Directed Speech 

    Leong, V; Kalashnikova, M; Burnham, D; Goswami, U (MIT Press, 2017-03-27)
    The temporal modulation structure of adult-directed speech (ADS) is thought to be encoded by neuronal oscillations in the auditory cortex that fluctuate at different temporal rates. Oscillatory activity is thought to ...

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