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  • People with autism spectrum conditions make more consistent decisions 

    Farmer, GD; Baron-Cohen, S; Skylark, WJ
    People with autism spectrum conditions (ASC) show reduced sensitivity to contextual stimuli in many perceptual and cognitive tasks. We investigated whether this also applies to decision-making by having adult participants ...
  • Decoding the Cortical Dynamics of Sound-Meaning Mapping. 

    Kocagoncu, E; Clarke, A; Devereux, BJ; Tyler, LK (Society for Neuroscience, 2017-02-01)
    Comprehending speech involves the rapid and optimally efficient mapping from sound to meaning. Influential cognitive models of spoken word recognition (Marslen-Wilson and Welsh, 1978) propose that the onset of a spoken ...
  • Binge drinking differentially affects cortical and subcortical microstructure. 

    Morris, LS; Dowell, NG; Cercignani, M; Harrison, NA; Voon, V
    Young adult binge drinkers represent a model for endophenotypic risk factors for alcohol misuse and early exposure to repeated binge cycles. Chronic or harmful alcohol use leads to neurochemical, structural and morphological ...
  • Serotonin enhances the impact of health information on food choice 

    Vlaev, I; Crockett, MJ; Clark, L; Muller, U; Robbins, TW
    Serotonin has been implicated in promoting self-control, regulation of hunger and physiological homeostasis, and regulation of caloric intake. However, it remains unclear whether the effects of serotonin on caloric intake ...

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