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  • Inhibitory mechanisms for visual learning in the human brain 

    Frangou, Polytimi
    Identifying targets in cluttered scenes is critical for our interactions in complex environments. Our visual system is challenged to both detect elusive targets that we may want to avoid or chase and discriminate between ...
  • Neural computation of depth from binocular disparity 

    Reis Goncalves, Nuno (2018-12-01)
    Stereopsis is a par excellence demonstration of the computational power that neural systems can encapsulate. How is the brain capable of swiftly transforming a stream of binocular two-dimensional signals into a cohesive ...
  • Structural and functional brain plasticity for statistical learning 

    Karlaftis, Vasileios Misak (2018-11-24)
    Extracting structure from initially incomprehensible streams of events is fundamental to a range of human abilities: from navigating in a new environment to learning a language. These skills rely on our ability to extract ...
  • Development of matrices abstract reasoning items to assess fluid intelligence 

    Chan, Fiona (2018-07-20)
    Matrices reasoning tests, which contain missing pieces in matrices that participants attempt to figure out, are one of the most popular types of tests to measure general intelligence. This thesis introduces several methods ...

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