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  • The Cognitive Underpinnings of Ideological Thinking 

    Zmigrod, Leor (2019-10-26)
    The collective ideologies of the 20th and 21st century have illustrated the horrifying scale of human atrocities that can be committed in the name of ideological groups and causes. While philosophers and historians have ...
  • The Moralisation of Eating 

    Schei, Thea (2019-10-26)
    Morality, food and eating have been associated for centuries. However, little is known about the extent and impact of this association on how people relate to food and eating today. This thesis explores three questions in ...
  • Slipping into Sleep: neurodynamics of alertness transitions in humans and fruit flies 

    Jagannathan, Sridhar Rajan (2019-11-30)
    The ability to react to events in the external world determines the fate of every living organism, this general state of readiness is called as ’alertness’. What happens to neurodynamics in the brain when alertness fades ...
  • Neurobiology of incremental speech comprehension 

    Choi, Hun Seok (2019-07-19)
    Understanding spoken language requires the rapid transition from perceptual processing of the auditory input through a variety of cognitive processes involved in constructing the mental representation of the message that ...

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