Recent Submissions

  • Childhood obesity prevention in Soweto, South Africa 

    Klingberg, Sonja
    Childhood obesity is a growing public health concern in many African countries. In South Africa, young children in urban low-income settings have been identified as being particularly at risk of overweight and obesity, ...
  • Improving our understanding of the influences of the environment on physical activity 

    Smith, Lindsey (2020-07-18)
    Physical activity reduces the risk of many chronic diseases, and much of the population would benefit from being more active. Public health strategies increasingly identify the environment as an important influence on ...
  • The persistence of poor diet and diet inequalities 

    Yau, Amy
    Diet is determined by socioeconomic factors (e.g. education, occupation, and income) and personal characteristics (e.g. ethnicity, gender, and age). Diet inequalities, whereby diet quality differs systematically across ...
  • Ultra-processed foods and cardiometabolic health 

    Schulze, Kai
    The overall aim of my thesis was to investigate the associations between ultra-processed food consumption (UPF) and cardiometabolic health at the individual and the population-level while adhering to methodological principles ...

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