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  • Eating behaviour and the aetiology of obesity 

    Clifton, Emma Alice Dormer (2020-01-25)
    Mounting evidence supports an association between eating behaviour (EB) and obesity. However, poor characterisation of the nature of this relationship limits its application to obesity prevention. This thesis aims to advance ...
  • Inequalities in children's physical activity and interventions 

    Love, Rebecca (2019-10-26)
    There is clear evidence of socioeconomic inequalities in overweight and obesity in childhood. These differences progressively worsen with age ultimately amplifying disparities in morbidity and premature mortality from ...
  • Assessing activity energy expenditure from body-worn sensors during free-living 

    White, Thomas (2019-06-01)
    There has been widespread adoption of single body-worn sensors to objectively capture the physical activity of free-living individuals in large studies across the world. For research into metabolic diseases such as obesity ...
  • Genetic approaches to identifying causal pathways to cardiometabolic diseases 

    Wittemans, Laura Brigitte Leen (2019-06-15)
    Background: In the era of large-scale biobanks and detailed multi-omic and clinical phenotyping, it is now possible to simultaneously measure several thousands of biological traits and test their associations with health ...

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