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  • Regulatory T cells promote myelin regeneration in the central nervous system 

    Dombrowski, Y; O'Hagan, T; Dittmer, M; Penalva, R; Mayoral, SR; Bankhead, P; Fleville, S et al.
    Regeneration of CNS myelin involves differentiation of oligodendrocytes from oligodendrocyte progenitor cells. In multiple sclerosis, remyelination can fail despite abundant oligodendrocyte progenitor cells, suggesting ...
  • Efficient Remyelination Requires DNA Methylation 

    Moyon, S; Ma, D; Huynh, JL; Coutts, DJC; Zhao, C; Casaccia, P; Franklin, RJM (Society for Neuroscience, 2017-03-01)
    Oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs) are the principal source of new myelin in the central nervous system. A better understanding of how they mature into myelin-forming cells is of high relevance for remyelination. It ...
  • Tracking the embryonic stem cell transition from ground state pluripotency 

    Kalkan, T; Olova, N; Roode, M; Mulas, C; Lee, HJ; Nett, I; Marks, H et al. (The Company of Biologists, 2017-04-01)
    Mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells are locked into self-renewal by shielding from inductive cues. Release from this ground state in minimal conditions offers a system for delineating developmental progression from naive ...
  • Reconstructing blood stem cell regulatory network models from single-cell molecular profiles 

    Hamey, FK; Nestorowa, S; Kinston, SJ; Kent, DG; Gottgens, B; Wilson, NK

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