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  • Remembering the 'Old North' in Ninth- and Tenth-Century Wales 

    Thomas, Rebecca
    Abstract: This article takes a fresh look at how the memory of the ‘Old North’ was used and reshaped in early medieval Welsh sources. Although their value as historical evidence for the northern kingdoms is uncertain, these ...
  • Bad Beef and Mad Cow Disease in Bósa saga ok Herrauðs 

    Hui, Jonathan (University of Illinois Press, 2018)
    The fourteenth-century fornaldarsaga Bósa saga ok Herrauðs is unique in the corpus of medieval Icelandic saga literature on account of several outrageously flamboyant elements. Studies have been devoted to the saga’s use ...
  • Labour Pains: Scenes of Birth and Becoming in Old Norse Legendary Literature 

    Olley, Katherine (Cambridge Colloquium in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, 2018-02-01)
    In spite of the frequent characterization of the maternal body as a site of genealogical corruption and change in Old Norse legendary literature, it is rarely depicted at the moment of its greatest transformation, when ...
  • The Icelandic Hǫgni: The Re-imagining of a Nibelung Hero in the Eddic Tradition 

    Olley, Katherine
    The paper examines the characterization of Hǫgni across the poems of the Poetic Edda, assessing his depiction as a brother, as a husband and father, as a warrior, and as a king in order to build up an eddic-centric picture ...

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