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  • Boundary Value Problems for the Laplace Equation on Convex Domains with Analytic Boundary 

    Rockstroh , Parousia (2018-04-07)
    In this thesis we study boundary value problems for the Laplace equation on do mains with smooth boundary. Central to our analysis is a relation, known as the global relation, that couples the boundary data for a given ...
  • Geometry of sub-Riemannian diffusion processes 

    Habermann, Karen (2018-05-19)
    Sub-Riemannian geometry is the natural setting for studying dynamical systems, as noise often has a lower dimension than the dynamics it enters. This makes sub-Riemannian geometry an important field of study. In this thesis, ...
  • Scaling limit of critical systems in random geometry 

    Powell, Ellen Grace (2017-11-25)
    This thesis focusses on the properties of, and relationships between, several fundamental objects arising from critical physical models. In particular, we consider Schramm--Loewner evolutions, the Gaussian free field, ...
  • Well-posedness and scattering of the Chern-Simons-Schrödinger system 

    Lim, Zhuo Min (2017-10-01)
    The subject of the present thesis is the Chern-Simons-Schrödinger system, which is a gauge-covariant Schrödinger system in two spatial dimensions with a long-range electromagnetic field. The present thesis studies two ...

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