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  • Numerical solution of Sturm–Liouville problems via Fer streamers 

    Ramos, Alberto Gil Couto Pimentel (2016-06-28)
    The subject matter of this dissertation is the design, analysis and practical implementation of a new numerical method to approximate the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of regular Sturm–Liouville problems, given in Liouville’s ...
  • Contributions in fractional diffusive limit and wave turbulence in kinetic theory 

    Merino Aceituno, Sara (2015-06-30)
    This thesis is split in two different topics. Firstly, we study anomalous transport from kinetic models. Secondly, we consider the equations coming from weak wave turbulence theory and we study them via mean-field limits ...
  • New PDE models for imaging problems and applications 

    Calatroni, Luca (2016-03-01)
    Variational methods and Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) have been extensively employed for the mathematical formulation of a myriad of problems describing physical phenomena such as heat propagation, thermodynamic ...
  • Nonuniform generalized sampling 

    Gatarić, Milana (2016-03-01)
    In this thesis we study a novel approach to stable recovery of unknown compactly supported L2 functions from finitely many nonuniform samples of their Fourier transform, so-called Nonuniform Generalized Sampling (NUGS). ...

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