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  • The Open Research journey – from concept to implementation 

    Kingsley, Danny (2019-04-04)
    ‘Open Research’ as a term was not in the lexicon a decade ago and has only really hit mainstream in the past five years. Having a position on Open Research allows an institution to consider proactive ways to meet these ...
  • Open Research - an institutional perspective 

    Kingsley, Danny (2018-11-29)
    These are the slides that were part of a Webinar hosted by OASPA: "Open Science Webinar: A view from Researchers, Institutions and the Open Science Policy Platform" and discusses what Open Research is, why it is necessary ...
  • Apollo, Cambridge’s Institutional Repository – ORCID integration 

    Martinez Garcia, Agustina (2018-10-31)
    Short talk at "Unlocking the power of ORCID integrations" webinar showcasing repository - ORCID integrations. The talk focuses on describing Cambridge's current integration with ORCID, via Apollo repository, and DataCite's ...
  • And you thought you were up on all of this 

    Kingsley, Danny (2018-10-15)
    This presentation provides an overview of the current landscape in open access the talk starts with some history and then considers the current state of open access and looks at the bigger landscape, and considers the ...

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