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  • And you thought you were up on all of this 

    Kingsley, Danny (2018-10-15)
    This presentation provides an overview of the current landscape in open access the talk starts with some history and then considers the current state of open access and looks at the bigger landscape, and considers the ...
  • Effective strategies for managing your research data (beginners session) 

    Castle, Clair (2018-09-03)
    This course introduces the basic principles of Research Data Management (RDM) and how they are relevant throughout the research life cycle. Intended for those who are new to RDM, this course will firstly explain what RDM ...
  • Avoiding Extinction Re-Skilling the 21st Century Academic Librarian 

    Sewell, Claire (2018-07-05)
    Outlining the developments in scholarly communication and academic librarianship, this presentation looks at the results of a global survey into the educational background of people working in scholarly communication.
  • Blueprint for Success: Developing a Library Research Support Strategy 

    Sewell, Claire (2018-06-28)
    Presentation given at the CPD25 event: The Role of the Library in Supporting Research. Looking at how to build a research support strategy for your library service with a case study of Cambridge University Libraries.

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