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  • Difficult cases: Communist morality, gender and embodiment in Thaw cinema 

    Dmytryk, Olena (Taylor & Francis, 2017-01-02)
    The article explores cinematic sensibility in Larisa Shepit'ko’s $\textit{Wings}$ ($\textit{Kryl'ia}$, 1966) and Dinara Asanova’s $\textit{Rudolfio}$ (1966) within the broader context of the Thaw cinema and Communist ...
  • Three Types of Asymmetry in the Muscovite Engagement with Print 

    Franklin, Simon Colin (Brill, Brill, 2017-01-01)
    Muscovite awareness and use of printed books both predated and extended beyond the scope of native Muscovite printing. The three types of ‘asymmetry’ explored in this survey relate to the wider reception of print in Muscovy. ...
  • Embarrassment in $\textit{The Idiot}$ 

    Tapp, Alyson (American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages, 2016)
    With its marriage plots and drawing room conversation, The Idiot, of all Dostoevsky’s novels, is the closest to a novel of manners. But the would-be society novel clashes with a theological imperative: the re-establishment ...
  • Printing and Social Control in Russia 3: Blank Forms 

    Franklin, Simon (Brill, 2015)
    Mainly on the basis of material from archives in St Petersburg, this article presents a classification and chronology of early printed blank forms in Russia, attributing their continuous history to Petrine initiatives ...