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  • Regulation of rice root development by a retrotransposon acting as a microRNA sponge 

    Cho, Jungnam; Paszkowski, J (eLife Sciences Publications Ltd, 2017-08-26)
    It is well documented that transposable elements (TEs) can regulate the expression of neighbouring genes. However, their ability to act in trans and influence ectopic loci has been reported rarely. We searched in rice ...
  • Auxin Signaling 

    Leyser, Henrietta Miriam
    Auxin acts as a general co-ordinator of plant growth and development, transferring information over both long and short ranges. Auxin famously appears to be extraordinarily multi-functional, with different cells responding ...
  • Developmental Restriction of Retrotransposition Activated in Arabidopsis by Environmental Stress 

    Gaubert, H; Sanchez, DH; Drost, HG; Paszkowski, Jerzy Waclaw (Genetics Society of America, 2017-10-01)
    Retrotransposons (RTs) may rapidly increase in copy number due to periodic bursts of transposition. Such bursts are mutagenic and thus potentially deleterious. However, certain transposition-induced gain-of-function or ...
  • Strigolactone- and Karrikin-Independent SMXL Proteins Are Central Regulators of Phloem Formation 

    Wallner, E-S; López-Salmerón, V; Belevich, I; Poschet, G; Jung, I; Grünwald, K; Sevilem, I et al. (Elsevier, 2017-04-24)
    Plant stem cell niches, the meristems, require long-distance transport of energy metabolites and signaling molecules along the phloem tissue. However, currently it is unclear how specification of phloem cells is controlled. ...

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