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  • Purvya Volod'kina, About Spiritual Masters of Places 

    Terbish, Baasanjav; Churyumova, Elvira (2018-03-31)
    In this interview Purvya talks about spiritual masters of lands and ghosts. Purvya: In our land we have a hill called Kerm Tolga where malevolent forces reside. Many years ago, it was a very rich hill, but was robbed later. ...
  • Sangadzhi Kononov, About Shamanism 

    Churyumov, Anton; Kovaeva, Bair (2016-12-23)
    Sangadzhi says that folk healers (medlegchi) should be differentiated from shamans. In Kalmykia, what doesn’t belong to Buddhism is lumped together under the title of shamanism. According to Sangadzhi, shamans are those ...
  • Sangadzhi Kononov, About Amnya Dolig (Substitute Rituals) 

    Churyumov, Anton; Kovaeva, Bair (2016-12-23)
    The Kalmyk word for life or soul is amn’. Amnya dolig refers to two different rituals. Ritual One. It is performed when one wants to grant life to a living being which is doomed to death. These include fish, birds (chicken ...
  • Sanan Matvenov, About the Tsagan Aav 

    Churyumov, Anton (2016-07-19)
    Sanan says that enlightened beings exist that do not have bad thoughts in their minds or in their souls. There also exist gazryn ezn (spiritual masters of locality) who are not enlightened beings and as such are not regarded ...

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