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The primary aim of CJCS is to promote the understanding of China through the dissemination of high-impact research in relevant social science subject areas. Both contemporary and historical perspectives are considered important to CJCS. CJCS always encourages interdisciplinary studies and promotes talks between scholars from different geographical areas. To that end, we have drawn on our extensive network of experts from both China and Cambridge to encourage exchange of ideas between the East and the West.

Recent Submissions

  • Legend of Nine Dragons and Two Tigers: An Example of City Temples and Blocks in Beijing 

    Ju, Xi (Association of Cambridge Studies, 2016)
    Peking Temple Survey Schedule in Capital Library of China recorded the saying of “nine dragons, two tigers and one stele”, this legend still spread in the old residents in Xizhimen Street西直门大街. Through the history research ...
  • Transformation of Living Space in Hutongs through the Process of Urban Development 

    Yang, Qingqing (Association of Cambridge Studies, 2016)
    During the process of urbanization, traditional living space, in my case—hutongs in Beijing, are experiencing tremendous changes. The fate of Hutong is almost a thesaurus to devastate the traditional way of living, but to ...
  • Diet, Lifestyle, Ideology: Vegetarians in Modern Beijing 

    Wang, Yahong (Association of Cambridge Studies, 2016)
    The new century saw the development of a new kind of vegetarianism in Beijing. Unlike the conventional vegetarians who chose the diet out of religious belief, the new generation of vegetarians and vegans in Beijing ...
  • Preface: Beijing and Its Daily Lives 

    Yue, Yongyi (Association of Cambridge Studies, 2016)
    Beijing’s arduous experiences made its greatness. Over the last century, Beijing has experienced significant social changes in its urban landscape, internal spirit, population structure, and lifestyles. As Beijing has been ...

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