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The School of Arts and Humanities is a diverse community of academics, students and staff from across all of our related subjects. Cambridge’s reputation for excellence in the Arts and Humanities rests upon our outstanding teaching and our world-class research. The Faculties and Departments of the School support scholars who are leading authorities in their fields, and are home to innovative and collaborative research projects which continue to push the boundaries of our knowledge and refine how we think and see the world.

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  • Semantic Specialisation of Distributional Word Vector Spaces using Monolingual and Cross-Lingual Constraints 

    Mrkšić, Nikola; Vulić, Ivan; Ó Séaghdha, Diarmuid; Leviant, Ira; Reichart, Roi; Gašić, Milica; Korhonen, Anna et al. (ACL, 2017-06-02)
    We present Attract-Repel, an algorithm for improving the semantic quality of word vectors by injecting constraints extracted from lexical resources. Attract-Repel facilitates the use of constraints from mono- and cross-lingual ...
  • Elusive Externalism 

    Salow, BJ
    Epistemologists have recently noted a tension between (i) denying access internalism and (ii) maintaining that rational agents cannot be epistemically akratic, believing claims akin to ‘P, but I shouldn’t believe P’. I ...
  • A Promise Kept, a Self Repeated? Reading Gjentagelsen with Ricœur 

    Becker-Lindenthal, H (De Gruyter, 2017-11-02)
    Based on Paul Ricœur’s concept of ipseity and the role of promising for constituting selfhood as non-identical permanence in time, the article revisits the controversy whether or not the young man in Repetition experiences ...
  • Bayesian Updating of Earthquake Vulnerability Functions with Application to Mortality Rates 

    Noh, HY; Kiremidjian, Anne; Ceferino, Luis; So, Emiliy (Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, 2017-05-24)
    Vulnerability functions often rely on data from expert opinion, post-earthquake investigations, or analytical simulations. Combining the information can be particularly challenging. In this paper a Bayesian statistical ...

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