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The School of Arts and Humanities is a diverse community of academics, students and staff from across all of our related subjects. Cambridge’s reputation for excellence in the Arts and Humanities rests upon our outstanding teaching and our world-class research. The Faculties and Departments of the School support scholars who are leading authorities in their fields, and are home to innovative and collaborative research projects which continue to push the boundaries of our knowledge and refine how we think and see the world.

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  • The Business of Sculpture in Venice, 1525-1625 

    Jones, Emma (2017-04-29)
    This thesis offers, for the first time, an in-depth study of the principal aspects of the business of sculpture in Venice from 1525 to 1625. Based on systematic examination, analysis and interpretation of myriad archival ...
  • Creating Clausulae at Notre-Dame-de-Paris: A Study of Compositional Processes and Techniques 

    Mathias, Adam
    The repertory of two-part clausulae associated with the Cathedral of Notre-Dame bears witness to a unique compositional situation in late twelfth- and early thirteenth-century Paris. Developing out of a musical culture ...
  • The Early Works of Alessandro Vittoria (c. 1540 - c. 1570) 

    Avery, Victoria Jane (1997-02-18)
    The thesis is divided into eight chapters, with various approaches adopted. Chapter One is primarily historical and outlines the artistic scene in Trent during Vittoria's youth until his departure for Venice in 1543, ...
  • Gender, Body and Parenthood in Muscovite Russia 

    Finlinson, Rosemary
    In Muscovite Russia, political power was often articulated through the image of the ruler and his family. Ideologies of family were crucial to the cultural envisioning of dynastic legitimacy and social order. Beginning ...

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