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The School of Arts and Humanities is a diverse community of academics, students and staff from across all of our related subjects. Cambridge’s reputation for excellence in the Arts and Humanities rests upon our outstanding teaching and our world-class research. The Faculties and Departments of the School support scholars who are leading authorities in their fields, and are home to innovative and collaborative research projects which continue to push the boundaries of our knowledge and refine how we think and see the world.

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  • Ontological Pragmatism 

    Mitchell , Kyle (2018-08-31)
    Ontology is the study of what exists. Metaontology is the study of ontology. This dissertation is a work in metaontology. In particular, its goal is to develop, motivate, defend, and explore a distinctively pragmatist ...
  • Towards a Comprehensive Explanation for the Stylistic Diversity of the Septuagint Corpus 

    Dhont, Marieke Ilda
    No two translations within the Septuagint corpus are the same: some texts have been translated "literally," others "freely," some are written in "good," others in "Hebraizing" Greek. Scholars studying the translation ...
  • Lyon’s Wagnerian Diva: Louise Janssen (1863-1938) 

    Ellis, Katharine Jill
    It seems historiographically implausible to ascribe the reputation of fin-de-siècle Lyon as France’s Bayreuth to the impact of a single middle-ranking soprano, but the Danish singer Louise Janssen’s long-term presence, ...
  • Language education in the era of Brexit: three challenges for the schools’ sector 

    Tinsley, Teresa (MEITS, 2018-07-01)
    This paper focuses on language learning at school level and identifies three policy challenges emerging from the 2016/17 Language Trends survey of primary and secondary schools in England, namely: • Inequalities in access ...

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