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The School of the Humanities and Social Sciences covers a wide range of disciplines with differing methodologies, from highly quantitative analysis of ‘big data’ to ethnography and the analysis of the material culture and thought of past societies. The geographical range is equally broad, with specialist centres in Latin America, Africa and South Asia, as well as Development Studies and the specialists within each Department or Faculty.

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Recent Submissions

  • Changes in Matrilineal Kinship on the Malabar Coast 

    Gough, Kathleen (Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, 1950-10-24)
    The material for this thesis was collected in the company of my husband, Eric J. Miller, during twenty months of sociological field-work on the Malabar-Coast, between November 1947 and July 1949. The subject of my husband's ...
  • Intervention Legitimisation and the Modern Democratisation Movement 

    Stewart-Jolley, Victoria
    At the beginning of the 21st century, the US led invasions into Afghanistan and Iraq. While both invasions were initially framed as security imperatives, the subsequent occupations were situated within a narrative of ...
  • Posthuman War: Race, Gender, Technology, and the Making of U.S. Military Futures 

    Moore, Lena
    This dissertation investigates drone warfare, the production of Special Operations Forces, and innovations in the medical treatment of war-related trauma, drawing these together to propose they may be read as indicative ...
  • Researching inclusive pedagogy with teachers in Hong Kong 

    Li, Kwan Wing Eddy
    This thesis sets out to develop greater understanding of inclusive pedagogy. It explores what teachers do in practice to support everyone’s learning, alongside what they believe about teaching a diversity of learners. In ...

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