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The mission of the School of Technology is to provide a focus and framework for its constituent departments to formulate and express views pertinent to technology, methods and processes, both within and without the University, recognising that technology has its own priorities and its own criteria for success: above all, technology departments recognise a duty to influence and be influenced by society at large and to work towards the creation of wealth and an improved quality of life. Institutions within the School are: the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, the Computer Laboratory, the Department of Engineering, Judge Business School and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Find out more about the School of Technology at http://www.tech.cam.ac.uk/.

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  • Reverse engineering Flash EEPROM memories using Scanning Electron Microscopy 

    Courbon, F; Skorobogatov, S; Woods, C
    In this article, a methodology to extract Flash EEPROM memory contents is presented. Samples are first backside prepared to expose the tunnel oxide of floating gate transistors. Then, a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) ...
  • Mono-Type TFT Logic Architectures for Low Power Systems on Panel Applications 

    Yang, Y; Lee, S; Holburn, D; Nathan, A (IEEE, 2016-12-01)
    This paper introduces novel 7-T pseudo-CMOS for enhancement mode and 6-T pseudo-CMOS for depletion mode inverter circuit architectures. The designs are built around mono-type of TFTs and consume less power consumption than ...
  • Software Prefetching for Indirect Memory Accesses 

    Ainsworth, S; Jones, TM (Association for Computing Machinery, 2017-02-04)
    Many modern data processing and HPC workloads are heavily memory-latency bound. A tempting proposition to solve this is software prefetching, where special non-blocking loads are used to bring data into the cache hierarchy ...
  • On Microarchitectural Mechanisms for Cache Wearout Reduction 

    Valero, Alejandro; Miralaei, Negar; Petit, Salvador; Sahuquillo, Julio; Jones, Timothy M (IEEE, 2016)
    Hot carrier injection (HCI) and bias temperature instability (BTI) are two of the main deleterious effects that increase a transistor's threshold voltage over the lifetime of a microprocessor. This voltage degradation ...

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