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Students live, eat and socialise in one of the University’s 31 autonomous Colleges. Undergraduates receive College supervisions – small group teaching sessions – regarded as one of the best teaching models in the world. Each College has its own internal procedures. They select their own students, subject to University regulations, and most admit both undergraduate and postgraduate students. College representatives sit on the University Council and Finance Committee.

A list of all Colleges, with links to their websites, can be found at http://map.cam.ac.uk/colleges.

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Recent Submissions

  • Suspiciousness 

    Wong, Keri (Springer International Publishing, 2017-09-01)
    Paranoia, or persecutory delusions, is a quintessential symptom of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. Individuals suffering from paranoid ideations become increasingly isolated, avoidant of social situations, and ...
  • The Survival of the Secret Treaty: Publicity, Secrecy, and Legality in the International Order 

    Donaldson, Megan (American Society of International Law, 2017-11-29)
    This article offers the first detailed history of the norm of treaty publication as it has evolved over the last century. Drawing on both public debates and archives of foreign ministries, it traces how, and why, secret ...
  • A mapping variable ring polymer molecular dynamics study of condensed phase proton-coupled electron transfer. 

    Pierre, Sadrach; Duke, Jessica R; Hele, Timothy; Ananth, Nandini (AIP, 2017-12)
    We investigate the mechanisms of condensed phase proton-coupled electron transfer (PCET) using Mapping-Variable Ring Polymer Molecular Dynamics (MV-RPMD), a recently developed method that employs an ensemble of classical ...
  • Semi-automated Signal Surveying Using Smartphones and Floorplans 

    Gao, C; Harle, Robert Keith (2017-11-21)
    Location fingerprinting locates devices based on pattern matching signal observations to a pre-defined signal map. This paper introduces a technique to enable fast signal map creation given a dedicated surveyor with a ...

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