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Some institutions are not linked to any School, but carry out important work and services that contribute to the University’s mission and often have strong links with the teaching and research activities of Faculties and Departments. They include, among others, the University Library, the Institute of Continuing Education, and the Fitzwilliam Museum and are generally governed through a Syndicate.

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  • The renal lineage factor PAX8 controls oncogenic signalling in kidney cancer 

    Patel, Saroor A.; Hirosue, Shoko; Rodrigues, Paulo; Vojtasova, Erika; Richardson, Emma K.; Ge, Jianfeng; Syafruddin, Saiful E. et al. (Nature Publishing Group UK, 2022-06-08)
    Abstract: Large-scale human genetic data1–3 have shown that cancer mutations display strong tissue-selectivity, but how this selectivity arises remains unclear. Here, using experimental models, functional genomics and ...
  • Clinical and organizational factors associated with mortality during the peak of first COVID-19 wave: the global UNITE-COVID study 

    Greco, Massimiliano; De Corte, Thomas; Ercole, Ari; Antonelli, Massimo; Azoulay, Elie; Citerio, Giuseppe; Morris, Andy Conway et al. (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2022-05-21)
    Abstract: Purpose: To accommodate the unprecedented number of critically ill patients with pneumonia caused by coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) expansion of the capacity of intensive care unit (ICU) to clinical areas ...
  • Bio-Physical Controls on Wave Transformation in Coastal Reed Beds: Insights From the Razelm-Sinoe Lagoon System, Romania 

    Möller, Iris; Ionescu, Maria Smaranda; Constantinescu, Adriana Maria; Evans, Ben Richard; Scrieciu, Albert; Stanica, Adrian; Grosu, Dumitru (Frontiers Media SA, 2022-06-15)
    <jats:p>Coastal wetlands are dynamic bio-physical systems in which vegetation affects the movement of water and sediment, which in turn build and maintain the landform and ecosystem. Wetlands are an effective buffer against ...
  • A global synthesis of ecosystem services provided and disrupted by freshwater bivalve molluscs 

    Zieritz, Alexandra; Sousa, Ronaldo; Aldridge, David C; Douda, Karel; Esteves, Eduardo; Ferreira‐Rodríguez, Noé; Mageroy, Jon H et al. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2022-06-30)
    ABSTRACT: Identification of ecosystem services, i.e. the contributions that ecosystems make to human well‐being, has proven instrumental in galvanising public and political support for safeguarding biodiversity and its ...

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