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MEITS is a major interdisciplinary research project funded under the AHRC Open World Research Initiative. Linguistic competence in more than one language – being multilingual – sits at the heart of the study of modern languages and literatures, distinguishing it from cognate disciplines. Through six interlocking research strands we investigate how the insights gained from stepping outside a single language, culture and mode of thought are vital to individuals and societies.



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  • Recognising and Protecting the Communication Rights of Autistic Children 

    Gréaux, Mélanie; Katsos, Napoleon; Gibson, Jenny (MEITS, 2020-11-01)
    •Autistic children are at risk of having their communication rights violated. This risk is heightened for autistic children with communication disability, which can emerge from factors inherent autism, co-occurring language ...
  • Grammatical errors: what can we do about them? 

    Alexopoulou, Theodora (MEITS, 2020-11-01)
    Every second language (L2) speaker will make grammatical errors, irrespective of age, education, motivation or learning context. Errors often persist even after focused teaching of the relevant forms and rules and abundant ...
  • Weibo posts on regional Putonghua in Ningbo and Shanghai (2011-2018) (data file) 

    Hui, Zhao
    This is a list of Weibo posts posted between 1 July 2011 to 10 July 2018 on Sina Weibo (www.weibo.com), compiled by searching a list of keywords (see keywords below) on s.weibo.com
  • Policy Briefing on Languages, Business, Trade and Innovation 

    Bennett, Wendy; Carruthers, Janice (2020-07-01)
    In this Briefing we highlight key messages from these sectors around the importance of having high-level language and intercultural skills in the workforce and we make a series of recommendations designed to support the ...

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