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  • The Sherlock Librarian: Investigating the Workplace 

    Sewell, CE
    Library staff are often involved in problem solving as part of their daily roles, either on behalf of users or for themselves. Conducting research in the workplace is the next step but many find this a difficult one to ...
  • Perish even if you Publish? The problem of ‘predatory’ publishers 

    Sewell, CE (2017-04-04)
    'Dear esteemed author…' So-called predatory publishers regularly approach researchers via email to solicit manuscripts and conference papers. With the emphasis on publishing as a measure of academic success still strong ...
  • You’ve Published, Now What? Tools and Techniques for Promoting Research 

    Sewell, CE; Cadwallader, L
    Getting published is just the first step… Getting academic output published is a great accomplishment for any researcher but it’s not the end of the story. Promoting and sharing their work in a variety of ways can help to ...
  • Presentations: From Design to Delivery 

    Sewell, CE (2017-02-08)
    Presentation skills are a vital part of working in the information profession yet this is an area many people feel uncomfortable with. They assume that presenting means standing up to deliver a talk to an audience but it ...

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