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  • WhoHas? project report 

    Priestner, Andy (Cambridge University Library, 2015-09-30)
    The WhoHas? project is part of the Futurelib innovation programme which is actively seeking to uncover and then design for the genuine needs of today’s students, researchers and academics at Cambridge University. WhoHas? ...
  • Futurelib original concepts document 

    Marshall, David; Priestner, A (Cambridge University Library, 2016-10-27)
    Since 2012 Cambridge University Library has been actively involved in user-centred design research. Between October 2012 and May 2014 a team headed up by Paul-Jervis Heath conducted a significant programme of ethnographic ...
  • Spacefinder project report 

    Marshall, D; Priestner, A (Cambridge University Library, 2016-10-10)
    When a range of ethnographic research techniques such as study diaries and contextual interviews revealed that Cambridge students were regularly struggling to find spaces matching their study needs and preferences, Futurelib ...
  • Protolib project report 

    Marshall, David; Priestner, A (Cambridge University Library, 2016-04-28)
    Protolib, literally prototyping libraries, set out to explore new models for library spaces at locations across the University of Cambridge. The project involved the creation and regular iteration of a range of prototype ...

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