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  • The effect of replication impediments on differentiation 

    Eldridge, Cara Bernadette (2019-10-26)
    In this thesis I set out to answer the question ‘is differentiation robust to replication impediments?’. Prior work in the group has focussed on the epigenetic impact of replication impediments in the terminally differentiated ...
  • Structural studies of spliceosome assembly and catalysis 

    Wilkinson, Max Edward (2019-11-30)
    Eukaryotic genes contain non-coding introns, removal of which during gene expression is a pre-requisite for gene function. Removal of introns and ligation of coding exons ––a process called splicing––is catalysed by a ...
  • Genetic Code Expansion in Mammalian Cells 

    Beranek, Vaclav (2019-07-19)
    Proteins in nature are synthesized from a conservative set of 20 canonical amino acids, limiting the chemical space of biological systems. Over the last few decades, scientists have developed methods to expand the genetic ...
  • The mechanism of Parkin activation by PINK1 phosphorylation 

    Gladkova, Christina (2020-05-16)
    Mutations in the E3 Ub ligase Parkin (PARK2) and the protein kinase PINK1 (PARK6) are genetically linked to Young-Onset Parkinson’s Disease. The two enzymes orchestrate clearance of damaged, cytotoxic mitochondria through ...

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