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  • Molecular recognition of aberrant translation 

    Juszkiewicz, Szymon (2019-11-30)
    Protein translation is a fundamental, demanding process which requires several million ribosomes and consumes as much as 75% of cellular energy. Because of its importance, translation is regulated at many levels to maintain ...
  • Structural studies of trans-translation 

    Rae, Christopher (2019-10-26)
    Ribosomes translate messenger RNA (mRNA) into protein in all living cells. The faultless production of protein is critical for a vast array of catalytic and structural roles and is essential for the survival of the cell. ...
  • A screen for novel interactions within the vertebrate centriole 

    Barnabas, Deepak David (2019-09-30)
    The centrioles organize the centrosomes and cilia which play a role in cell division, motility, sensing, polarity, trafficking and signalling. There has been an increase in the understanding of centriole composition and ...
  • Architecture of eukaryotic mRNA 3' end processing machinery and insights into the mechanism of polyadenylation 

    Kumar, Ananthanarayanan (2019-11-30)
    Almost all eukaryotic messenger RNAs (mRNAs) have a polyadenosine (polyA) tail at their 3′ end that is added by a multi-protein complex known as cleavage and polyadenylation factor (CPF). CPF, along with accessory cleavage ...

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