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Cambridge has occupied a uniquely distinguished place in the history of philosophy in the last 100 years. It was here in the early years of the 20th century, that Russell, Moore, Wittgenstein, Ramsey and others developed the analytic style of philosophy which is now prominent in much of the world. The Faculty of Philosophy today retains a strong commitment to this analytic tradition, combining it with study and teaching of the history of philosophy from Plato to the present day, as well as aesthetics and political philosophy.

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  • The Politics of Choice and Economic Distributions 

    Kaplan, Jessica
    This thesis asks how egalitarians can theorise economic-distributive issues in ways sensitive to structural injustices of race, gender, and class. Drawing on real-world political problems and debates, I illustrate the ...
  • In Pursuit of Reason: An Essay on Rationality and Emotion 

    Hughes, Samuel
    Since the publication of Anthony Kenny’s Action, Emotion and Will, there has been a consensus that emotions involve representing their objects as mattering to the subject in a certain way. All major contemporary theories ...
  • Speech, Sex, and Social Norms 

    McDonald, Lucy (2020-10-24)
    This thesis contains five essays about speech, sex, and social norms. In each of the first four essays, I analyse a different communicative phenomenon: discriminatory pejoratives (Chapter 1), cat-calling (Chapter 2), shaming ...
  • Philosophy at Cambridge 

    Langton, Rae; Potter, Michael; Price, Huw; Munton, Jessie (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge, 2020-09)
    Newsletter of the Faculty of Philosophy. Articles: Rae Langton, 'From the Chair'; Michael Potter, 'The Birth of a Book'; Huw Price, 'Two Projects from 2012--a progress report; Rae Langton 'The Enlightening of Maria von ...

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