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  • The British Energy Market Reform: Carbon Prices, Retail Tariffs, and Cost Pass-through 

    Guo, Bowei
    The United Kingdom’s (UK’s) Climate Change Act 2008 sets a “net zero” target on greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The Act has triggered the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) started in 2013, which aims at decarbonising ...
  • Essays in Microeconomic Theory 

    Walsh, Alan
    We present a collection of three essays exploring topics in microeconomic theory: conflict, alliances, and the origins of society; supply chain networks and industrial organisation; and game theory on economic networks. ...
  • Essays into Firms, Innovation and Productivity 

    Kim, Myungun
    This empirical research aims to understand firm-level innovation and productivity in the context of firm’s innovative activities or international activities such as offshoring and exporting. The PhD dissertation consists ...
  • Essays in Macroeconomics and Productivity 

    De Ridder, Maarten (2020-07-18)
    This dissertation explores how the rise of intangible inputs - such as software and information technology - affects the growth rate of total factor productivity.

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