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  • Three Essays in Firms, Trade and Development 

    Spray, John
    I present a collection of three essays exploring how firms in developing countries make supply-chain decisions and how those microeconomic decisions aggregate into macroeconomic outcomes. Chapter 1 In the first chapter, ...
  • The Impact of the Coronavirus Lockdown on Mental Health: Evidence from the US 

    Adams-Prassl, A.; Boneva, T.; Golin, M; Rauh, C. (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, 2020-05-07)
    The coronavirus outbreak has caused significant disruptions to people’s lives. We document the impact of state-wide stay-at-home orders on mental health using real time survey data in the US. The lockdown measures lowered ...
  • Border Carbon Adjustments and Industrial Competitiveness in a European Green Deal 

    Evans, S.; Mehling, M.; Ritz, R.; Sammon, P. (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, 2020-05-06)
    As part of the European Green Deal, the EU is considering the introduction of a Border Carbon Adjustment (BCA) to ensure that the price of imports into the EU more accurately reflects the environmental costs of their carbon ...
  • Unexpected Effects: Uncertainty, Unemployment, and Inflation 

    Freund, L. B; Rendahl, P. (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, 2020-05-04)
    This paper studies the role of uncertainty in a search-and-matching framework with risk-averse households. A mean-preserving spread to future productivity contracts current economic activity even in the absence of nominal ...

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