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dc.contributor.authorTerbish, Baasanjav
dc.contributor.authorChuryumova, Elvira
dc.contributor.editorTerbish, Baasanjav
dc.contributor.editorBoskhomdzhiev, Mergen
dc.contributor.otherChuryumova, Elvira
dc.description.abstractIn this interview Bulyash talks about her clan, including its deity-protector and stamp. Question: Are you a Derbet? Bulyash: Yes, I am. And you are a Torghut, right? Question: You said something about people teasing Derbets. Bulyash: ‘Stinky Derbets’. Question: Why would people say this? Bulyash: It was a kind of nick-name, or name calling. In the past old people gave nicknames to all eng/angi or torl groupings. There were many witty people who composed songs, sayings, and told fairy tales, and all sorts of other stories. Although uneducated, these people were born smart. Question: How many sub-groups do you have inside the Derbet? Bulyash: Our clan of Noynakhn consist of 12 sub-clans. We live in this village of Gashun-Burgusta. In the past, here there was a kolkhoz named Krasnyi Partizan (Red Partisan). The sub-clan that I belong to is called Beezhikhn. Question: What about other sub-clans? Bulyash: Khoshuds, Beezhikhn, Asmud, Barun Arvn, Bat’kachud, Meenchkud, Khoonud and others. All in all, 12 sub-clans. All these names are inscribed on 12 big stones that these sub-clans have. The stones are arranged in a circle in the middle of which there is a statue of Green Tara. People go to that place to worship and receive blessings. Many lamas came from Elista to read prayers there. We also have a stupa that houses statues of Buddhas. We also go to that stupa to light candles and read prayers. Lamas perform rituals there. Question: Where did your clan of Noynakhn live and nomadize? Bulyash: Each sub-clan had its summer station. In the past, there was one temple on the hill. Question: What temple? Bulyash: It was a common clan temple, named Choorya Khamra Khurul. In the archive of the Central Temple in Elista there is a photo and information available on our temple. Question: How many clans are there inside the Derbet? Bulyash: I do not know exactly how many. But there are many, including Noynakhn, Bagshin Shebinery, Barun, Ergeni… Question: Clan have protectors, right? Bulyash: We also have our protectors. All sub-clans have spiritual protectors, and ours is Ayuka Gegyan. In the same way, every person has his/her protectors. For example, my oldest son, who was born in 1955 in the year of the sheep, has Manjushri as his protector. My youngest son has Ochir Vaani as his protector. People should read prayers every morning, and receive blessings from Buddhas. All my grandsons have deity-protectors. Question: What does the stamp of your clan look like? Bulyash: It looks like a half-circle. We stamp our livestock with it. Question: Which side of the animal do you put this stamp on? Bulyash: On the right side of the horse. Question: Which part of the animal would it be? Bulyash: On the hip. It was like this in the past. Question: Did you father stamp animals? Bulyash: Yes. Every family had horses with stamps.
dc.description.sponsorshipSponsored by Arcadia Fund, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin.
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dc.subjectspiritual protectors
dc.subjectclan stamps
dc.titleBulyash Chumudova, About the Noynakhn Clan
dc.publisher.institutionUniversity of Cambridge

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