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Cambridge Working Papers in Economics (CWPE) is a new series of papers from the Faculty of Economics and the Department of Applied Economics. It supersedes the DAE Working Paper series.


Please note the Working Papers often represent early stages in the presentation of research findings, and should not be quoted without permission.

Recent Submissions

  • Inequality in the Impact of the Coronavirus Shock: New Survey Evidence for the US 

    Adams-Prassl, A.; Boneva, T.; Golin, M; Rauh, C. (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, 2020-04-01)
    Using new US survey data collected on March 24th 2020, we already find that: 65% of workers engaged in less paid work over the past week than usually. 11% of workers had already lost their job due to COVID-19. For those ...
  • Equilibrium Social Distancing 

    Toxvaerd, F.M.O (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, 2020-03-30)
    This paper presents an economic model of an epidemic in which susceptible individuals may engage in costly social distancing in order to avoid becoming infected. Infected individuals eventually recover and acquire immunity, ...
  • Information Overload and Confirmation Bias 

    Goette, L.; Han, H. J.; Leung, B. T. K. (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, 2020-03-23)
    We show that information overload contributes to confirmation bias. In an experiment, we vary the difficulty of information processing as subjects receive a sequence of signals of an unknown state. In the treatment condition, ...
  • A Century of Arbitrage and Disaster Risk Pricing in the Foreign Exchange Market 

    Corsetti, G.; Marin, E. A. (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, 2020-03-24)
    A long-standing puzzle in international finance is that a positive interest rate differential systematically forecasts an exchange rate appreciation - the Uncovered Interest Parity (UIP) puzzle. Hence, a carry trade portfolio ...

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