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Cambridge Working Papers in Economics (CWPE) is a new series of papers from the Faculty of Economics and the Department of Applied Economics. It supersedes the DAE Working Paper series.


Please note the Working Papers often represent early stages in the presentation of research findings, and should not be quoted without permission.

Recent Submissions

  • Foreign Vulnerabilities, Domestic Risks: The Global Drivers of GDP-at-Risk 

    Lloyd, S.; Manuel, E.; Panchev, K. (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, 2021-07-29)
    We study how foreign financial developments influence the conditional distribution of domestic GDP growth. Within a quantile regression setup, we propose a method to parsimoniously account for foreign vulnerabilities using ...
  • Identifying the Effects of Sanctions on the Iranian Economy using Newspaper Coverage 

    Laudati, D.; Pesaran, M. H. (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, 2021-07-29)
    This paper considers how sanctions affected the Iranian economy using a novel measure of sanctions intensity based on daily newspaper coverage. It finds sanctions to have significant effects on exchange rates, inflation, ...
  • Relational Contracts and Trust in a High-Tech Industry 

    Calzolari, G.; Felli, L.; Koenen, J.; Spagnolo, G.; Stahl, K. O. (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, 2021-08-02)
    We study how informal buyer-supplier relationships in the German automotive industry affect procurement. Using unique data from a survey focusing on these, we show that more trust, the belief that the trading partner acts ...
  • Sharing Asymmetric Tail Risk Smoothing, Asset Pricing and Terms of Trade 

    Corsetti, G.; Lipińska, A.; Lombardo, G. (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, 2021-07-26)
    With the Global Financial Crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the looming Climate Change, investors and policymakers around the world are bracing for a new global environment with heightened tail risk. Asymmetric exposure ...

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