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  • Archaeology on Furlough: Sheepfolds of the Lammermuirs 

    Bradford, Brittni; Connolly, David; Hawker-Yates, Lily; Kdolska, Hanka; Paice, Cas; Scott, Gemma; Wiseman, Rob (2020-08-01)
    Sheepfarming has had a profound effects on the economy, culture and landscape of the Scottish Borders for hundreds of years. This project identified and catalogued sheep-related sites in the Lammermuir Hills—primarily ...
  • Archaeology on Furlough: Roman Planting Trenches in the East of England 

    Wiseman, Rob; Brewer, Emily; Luxford, Robbie; Losh, Jospeh; Fosberry, Rachel; Roberts, Michael; Jackson-Slater, Clare et al. (2020-11-08)
    Across eastern and central England, excavations of Roman sites have uncovered rows of parallel trenches which are usually interpreted as remains of cultivation systems. Their use is disputed. This project gathered a large ...
  • Archaeology on Furlough: Accessing Archaeological Information Online: A Survey of Volunteers’ Experiences 

    Wiseman, Rob; Ronn, Phoebe (2020-06-30)
    Archaeology on Furlough (AoF) involved volunteers gathering together and analysing large volumes of archaeological data on a wide range of archaeological themes. Inadvertently, it became a test for how easy it is for ...
  • Archaeology on Furlough: Rapid Review of Digital Tablets for Use in Archaeological Fieldwork 

    Wiseman, Rob; Malik, Rose; Kriti, Alexandra; Sessini, Serenella
    Over the last twenty years, digital technology has made great inroads into archaeological work in the UK. The last major part of archaeology which remains largely paper-based is fieldwork. This project reviewed 35 digital ...