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The University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine aims to provide leadership in education, discovery and healthcare. The School will achieve this through: inspirational teaching and training, outstanding basic and clinical research and integration of these to improve medical practice for both individual patients and the population.

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  • Bedtime routines child wellbeing & development 

    Kitsaras, G; Goodwin, M; Allan, J; Kelly, Mike; Pretty, IA (BioMed Central, 2018-03-21)
    Background. Bedtime routines has shown important associations with areas associated with child wellbeing and development. Research into bedtime routines is limited with studies mainly focusing on quality of sleep. The ...
  • Making stillbirths visible: a systematic review of globally reported causes of stillbirth 

    Reinebrant, HE; Leisher, SH; Coory, M; Henry, S; Wojcieszek, AM; Gardener, G; Lourie, R et al. (Wiley, 2018-01-01)
    Background Stillbirth is a global health problem. The World Health Organization (WHO) application of the International Classification of Diseases for perinatal mortality (ICD-PM) aims to improve data on stillbirth to enable ...
  • Editor's Choice – Re-interventions After Repair of Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: A Report From the IMPROVE Randomised Trial 

    Powell, JT; Sweeting, Michael John; Ulug, P; Thompson, MM; Hinchliffe, RJ (Elsevier, 2018-03-01)
    Objectives: To describe the re-interventions after endovascular and open repair of rupture and investigate whether these were associated with aortic morphology. Methods: 502 patients from the IMPROVE randomised trial ...
  • Physical capability predicts mortality in late mid-life as well as in old age: Findings from a large British cohort study. 

    Keevil, Victoria Louise; Luben, Robert; Hayat, Shabina Anwar; Sayer, Avan A; Wareham, Nicholas John; Khaw, Kay-Tee (2018-01)
    Introduction Low physical capability predicts mortality, perhaps by association with co-morbidity. However, few studies include participants <70 years old with lower co-morbidity burdens compared to older adults. We ...

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