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Digital Orient is a programme to understand the cultures of China, Japan, India and South Korea through the integration of multimedia, large data storage and dynamic interactivity made possible by broadband capacities.


Digital Orient

Recent Submissions

  • Films by Zhou Bing and on CCTV in China 

    Bing, Zhou (2009-07-03)
    A series of films by Zhou Bing and his associates and made for CCTV in China over the last few years. The credits on the films give details.
  • Playing the Qin instrument 

    Rushan (2009-06-30)
    A short recital by the Qin player, Rushan, in Beijing in October 2007
  • Film on San Jie Cao 

    Liang, Bibo (2009-02-26)
    Film 'San Jie Cao - Home-coming of a grand-daughter' made by LIANG Bibo, a Chinese documentary film-maker, about an arranged marriage near Lugu Lake in South West China.
  • The Buddhist Nun of Emei Mountain 

    Liang, Bibo (2009-02-23)
    A film by LIANG Bibo about a Buddhist nunnery in southwest China, the Fuhu temple. Liang works for Chengdu television

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