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  • Words 

    Mellor, David Hugh (BBC, 1978)
    This is a series of six five-minute radio talks on the use of words in philosophy broadcast on BBC Radio 3 between 5 February and 16 March 1978.
  • Matters of Metaphysics 

    Mellor, David Hugh; Crane, Tim (Cambridge University Press, 1991)
    This volume contains sixteen papers published between 1974 and 1991. The first five are on aspects of the mind: on our 'selves', their supposed subjectivity and how we refer to them, on the nature of conscious belief and ...
  • The Matter of Chance 

    Mellor, David Hugh (Cambridge University Press, 1971)
    The book develops an account of objective chances as properties of events (e.g. of coin tosses) defined by the degrees of belief (e.g. that the coin will land heads) which embody knowledge of those chances. The chances ...
  • Wholes and Parts: The Limits of Composition 

    Mellor, David Hugh (South African Journal of Philosophy, 2006-06)
    The paper argues that very different part-whole relations hold between different kinds of entities. While these relations share most of their formal properties, they need not share all of them. Nor need other mereological ...

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