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  • Highly Luminescent Encapsulated Narrow Bandgap Polymers Based on Diketopyrrolopyrrole. 

    Leventis, Anastasia; Royakkers, Jeroen; Rapidis, Alexandros G; Goodeal, Niall; Corpinot, Merina K; Frost, Jarvist M; Bučar, Dejan-Krešimir et al. (2018-02)
    We present the synthesis and characterization of a series of encapsulated diketopyrrolopyrrole red-emitting conjugated polymers. The novel materials display extremely high fluorescence quantum yields in both solution (>70%) ...
  • Coordination Cages for the Separation and Transportation of Molecular Cargo 

    Grommet, Angela B. (2018-05-19)
    The first chapter of this thesis introduces the fundamental concepts governing the design and synthesis of supramolecular complexes. By illustrating the synthesis of several coordination cages reported in the literature, ...
  • Photoelectrochemistry of Photosystem II in Vitro vs in Vivo. 

    Zhang, Jenny Zhenqi; Bombelli, Paolo; Sokol, Katarzyna; Fantuzzi, Andrea; Rutherford, A William; Howe, Christopher Jonathan; Reisner, Erwin (American Chemical Society, 2018-01)
    Factors governing the photoelectrochemical output of photosynthetic microorganisms are poorly understood, which can lead to energy losses through inefficient electron transfer (ET) processes. Here, we systematically compare ...
  • Photoredox C–C Cross-Coupling Reactions using Boronic Acid Derivatives 

    Lima, Fabio (2018-05-19)
    In recent years, photoredox catalysis emerged as a privileged tool for small molecules activation via single-electron transfer mechanisms. Despite their ubiquity as reagents in organic synthesis, the use of boronic acid ...

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